Business Technology Consulting Group (BTCG) is a Global mangement consulting  company focused on creating value and capitalizing on opportunities at the intersection of IT and business, hence the name Business Technology. We help our clients with operational and organizational development related to strategic IT issues and practical implementation of change and implementation projects. Resource allocation and strategic IT initiatives are imperative for success in an increasingly globalized world, where new concepts such as hyper-competition comes into play. BTGCs key personnel have spent years developing a genuine model (Grade5 ™) to evaluate and calculate the value of strategic initiatives, how they are implemented and managed, and a model for resource allocation and sourcing (Smart Sourcing ™) to take home value increase robustness and optimal.

BTCG have previously worked with SEB, SEB Tryggliv, SEB Pension, Robur, Swedbank and Folksam, NCC, H & M to name a few. The verticals BTCG focused on is Banking, Finance, Insurance, Commercial, Retail, Industrial, IT, Telecom and Public Sector; verticals where growth and demand for service-oriented and business driven IT thinking is increasing.